16 Stories

The stories of brave and determined women across the world inspire us everyday to work towards eliminating sexual and gender based violence across the country and empowering each other to achieve our goals.

Self-determination is a right, not a privilege. Our personal circumstances of how or where we were born or the difficulties we faced should not pre-determine our future. We want to show all women across Romania and globally how we have grown, thrived, or even just survived — and that they can too.

We will be sharing one story every day throughout the entire 16 Days Campaign, in an attempt to raise up the voices of women from all around the world, to shed some light on the many different challenges that women face, and to foster a community marked by empathy and courage. 

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Day 1: Oana Bizgan
Day 2: Rigo Ildi
Day 3: Shiella C. Balbutin
Day 5: Jana Weyts
Day 6: Kate Alyzon Kamil
Day 7: Dženeta Karabegović
Day 8: Jenny Lind Elmaco
Day 9: Georgia Brooks
Day 10: Rio Otara
Day 11: Marina Mattera
Day 12: Teeroumanee Nadan
Day 13: Violeta Altmann
Day 14: Katharina Heil
Day 16: Anna Bouw-Bolik
Day 17 (BONUS): Sabina Ciofu