By extension, from Greek, Polylogos [Poly-logos] means “multiple points of view”

Our story

Polylogos is a politically independent non-profit organisation, based in Cluj-Napoca. Through a series of formal and informal interviews with people from various sectors, it became increasingly clear to us that there are pockets in society, where, despite people working towards many of the same goals, their paths never cross. What’s worse is that many of our every-day heroes feel very much alone in their struggle for a better society.

Polylogos was born out of a perceived need for inclusive communities, bridging the gap between generations, sectors, religion, ethnicity and other societal cleavages. We believe that bridging these gaps will provide the space for a much needed exchange of knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned, which, in turn, will lead to stronger, cohesive and more resilient communities. 

Polylogos was also inspired by the apathy that many people express, towards their own lives and the democratic society in which they’re a part. We believe that this apathy partly comes from a lack of awareness of how or why they can and should get involved to make a positive difference in their communities – at local, national, European and global levels.

Trust in political elites, and in leaders in general, is generally low in Romania. This leads many, especially young people, to stay away from areas in which they would have to assume leadership. Leadership itself is often understood only in a formal and authoritarian sense. Politics is an especially difficult topic, as many people consider it to be dirty and corrupt by default, and therefore something “good people” must stay away from.

We want to address these needs by connecting people across divides and empowering a new generation of aspiring leaders, who are both willing and able to assume leadership, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Our Core Values


We are willing to listen to and be receptive of new, and even challenging and diverging, ideas, thoughts and opinions.


We firmly believe in the inherent, inalienable right of a person to be valued and respected, simply for being a fellow human on this earth.


We are committed to maintaining high standards of honesty, truth and transparency in our words and actions.


We highly value and encourage creative exploration and expression.


Our vision is to shape inclusive communities, in which people can grow to be leaders of integrity, influence and impact.

Academics are always part of all curriculums, but we will strive to offer extended access to experience by putting together people willing to become, with people who are already there.

Mentorship is key to the Polylogos approach to fostering inclusive communities and leadership. Mentor- and mentee relationships grow out of inclusive communities, which transcend ethnic/national identities, age-groups, gender, and professional and educational background.

We firmly believe that mentorship, rather than being a one-way street, should be mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and openness, in which both mentors and mentees are supporting each other on their growth journey.


Our mission is to offer a civic platform, which bridges divides, promotes transformative leadership, and strengthens the democratic culture and capacity – locally, nationally and internationally. 


  1. Identify and invest in aspiring leaders with a proven capacity and willingness to get actively involved in making positive changes for their communities.
  2. Offer trainings, guidance and a networking platform for leaders from across sectors in society, who want to grow in their capacity as leaders and mentors.
  3. Educate and empower citizens to get actively involved in their communities and in democratic decision-making processes.
  4. Strengthen the democratic culture and capacity of policy-makers and citizens, and help bridge the gap between political elites and the general public.