By extension, from Greek, Polylogos [Poly-logos] means “multiple points of view”

Our Core Values


We are willing to listen to and be receptive of new, and even challenging and diverging, ideas, thoughts and opinions.


We firmly believe in the inherent, inalienable right of a person to be valued and respected, simply for being a fellow human on this earth.


We are committed to maintaining high standards of honesty, truth and transparency in our words and actions.


We highly value and encourage creative exploration and expression.


Our vision is to foster inclusive communities of mentors and mentees, who are bound together by a shared desire for mutual learning and personal and professional growth. 

Academics are always part of all curriculums, but we will strive to offer extended access to experience by putting together people willing to become, with people who are already there.

Ultimately, we invest in mentors who will, in turn, invest in others to become mentors. Mentors and mentees foster and grow out of inclusive communities that transcend ethnic/national identities, age-groups, gender, and professional and/or educational background.

We firmly believe that mentorship, rather than being a one-way street, are mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and openness, in which both mentor and mentee are supporting each other on their growth journey.


To connect people across divides; promote transformative leadership through mentorship; and strengthen the democratic culture and capacity – locally, nationally and internationally.  

Key Objectives

  1. To foster healthy communities, by providing a space for learning, networking, dialogue and exchange, between people of different generations, sectors and socio-economic status, striving to include those who may face systematic discrimination or exclusion
  2. To enhance the capacity of current and aspiring leaders to be leaders of influence, integrity and positive impact
  3. To strengthen democracy, respect for human rights, and civic engagement, locally, nationally and at a European level.