What is REAL?

Relevant Education for Aspiring Leaders

REAL is a school of leadership offered to young professionals and aspiring leaders in Romania. Through monthly interactive and uniquely designed seminars, workshops and trainings, participants will gain tools and know-how to be leaders of integrity, influence and impact, both personally and professionally. Upon completion, each participant will receive the REAL DEALDiploma of Excellence for Advanced Leadership, attesting to the skills, experience and competence they acquired through their participation in the REAL academy. Furthermore, REAL students will gain and maintain access to a pool of experts and fellow aspiring leaders by being active members and contributors ofthe REAL Network – a platform for mentorship, resources, learning and, most importantly, friendship. 


  1. Equip young professionals and aspiring leaders with tools and know-how to be leaders of integrity, impact and influence in their professional and personal lives; 
  2. Provide a platform that facilitates collaboration, mentorship and friendship between seasoned professionals and young aspiring leaders; and 
  3. Empower aspiring leaders to be proactive, engaged and responsible members of society, to be models of active democratic citizenship in their communities, with the know-how, courage and inspiration to pass it on.

The REAL Network

In order to ensure sustainability and long-term impact, all participants, partners, mentors and sponsors will become members of the REAL Network. The REAL Network is a network of friends, mentors and mentees, who inspire, encourage and support each other in their various walks of leadership. The REAL Network is a platform that allows members to grow professionally and personally, by continuously sharing know how, experience, resources and lessons learned, through regular formal and informal meetings and communication online and on-site. 


The REAL Academy will serve as a continuous yearlong educational program spread out from October/November through May, with full weekend gatherings of leadership training and mentorship, approximately every eight weeks. The yearlong program will be concluded by an award-ceremony and celebration, where participants in the program will be awarded the REAL DEAL (Diploma of Excellence for Advanced Leadership), attesting to their newly acquired leadership skills and capabilities. The alumni of the REAL programme will continue to be part of the REAL Network even after the completion of the program, thereby continuing to foster their learning and exchange, and growing as mentors in their own capacity.