liviu bocănială

Founder & president / enfp

Liviu’s definitive passion is to put people and ideas together. He sets the stage. Through all he is and does, he hopes to inspire people to get on the stage and live.

camilla bocănială

Founder & programs director / infj

Camilla is a northern idealist with a passion for drawing out the potential of others. With a BA in Comparative Politics and a Masters in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Oslo, she has developed and fine-tuned her skills as project manager and -coordinator through working with various NGOs and political organisations. With the courage to push dreams into existence, she hopes to inspire and empower those around her to get involved and make positive changes in their communities. 

violeta altmann

Trainer & program director / intj

Violeta is a writer and a community leader who has a heart for leadership and adoption. She loves mentoring and being mentored, and has a practical mindset paired with a creative soul.

conrad altmann

Creative director / infP-A

Conrad a western expat living in Cluj-Napoca who works to improve and expand community through graphic design. Despite his dry wit, he’s generally a nice guy.

(board of) Mentors

Our mentors are invaluable. We lean on them for more than we’d like to admit, but their counsel and wisdom are foundational to Polylogos.

catherine lourdes dy, PhD

gender advisor / INFP

Kate is an experienced academic-practitioner with a double Ph.D. in human rights and migration. She is an expert gender advisor, research professional and leadership trainer who, after living and working in Philippines, Australia, Italy, Belgium, and France, has recently moved with her husband and son to Cluj. She enjoys procrasti-baking and making homemade dimsum in her spare time.

jack fallow


After retiring from being a Director and Chairman of engineering and energy companies, Jack has a number of trustee, academic or non-exec roles. His primary interest is in supporting the development of leaders.

diana bocăneală


A Talent and Organizational Development leader with more than 15 years of experience in different managerial and leadership roles within private and non governmental sector. A growth mindset enthusiast,  embracing change and making an impact at organizational and individual level. A believer in humanity and purpose driven leadership.

heather staff


Heather is a political advisor on refugee, asylum and migration policy for a member of the UK Parliament. A strategic thinker with a passion for international development and cross-cultural work, Heather works on projects around the world and is an executive member of a number of organisations, she is also a keen musician with a love of the bass guitar.

brian morgan


Brian is a former gymnast who followed his passion and became a pastor. After a visit in Romania in the 80’s, he encountered a simple man, a christian poet, and he became a poet himself. Brian went back to California and transformed his community into a gang of poets. He promotes brutal honesty as a personal doctrine. Brian is a scholar who writes his sermons and his courses in the guttural cadence of the Hebrew language. He will tell you his life story and give you the biggest hug, whether you want it, or not. You can call him rabbi.

tanas alqassis


Tanas is originally from Bethlehem. At the moment he lives with his Danish wife in Oxford, UK, where he works as the regional manager for Europe, the Middle East and North Africa at Church Mission Society (CMS). He is an eccentric down to earth DMin (Doctor in Ministry) on Leadership, who loves riding his bike and grills amazing gourmet meals. Above all else, Tanas loves getting to know people and build lifetime friendships.

susan kerr, PhD, MBA


Susan has over fifteen years of European public affairs experience both within the European Parliament and nonprofit sector. With a PhD focused on oil multinationals’ corporate social responsibility, Susan also completed an MBA to hone skills in change leadership. Passionate about ethical leadership, human rights and democracy, Susan has been involved in several international initiatives to empower change agents and recently edited a book on populism in Europe (Is God a populist?). A polyglot who enjoys discovering different cultures, Susan also takes pleasure in reading philosophy books, singing and creative writing.

hermund haaland


Hermund Haaland is a serial-entrepreneur, passionate about seeing the world and our societies moving in the best possible direction. With a broad experience from politics, business start-ups and church work, he co-founded the Oslo-based think tank Skaperkraft, where he functions as it’s International Director today. He is the author of several books and an inspiring speaker who loves to empower young leaders. When he needs to feed his introvert side, nothing is like a few hours of cross-country skiing or hiding away with a good Hemingway-book by himself.