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For Ukraine

Polylogos stands in solidarity with all those suffering from the conflict in Ukraine

Note “Ukraine”

  • Ukraine Update 13
    We passed by the horrific one-year “anniversary” in silent protest. Just like us, you were probably flooded with newsletters, updates, articles and podcast episodes about the one year of war in Ukraine. We are now in the second month of the second […]
  • Ukraine Update 12
    The tension was high in the room. We sat rigidly in our seats, expectant and nervous. The young women, all mothers who had fled with their children from the war in their country, were watching us, skepticism and distrust emanating from their […]
  • Ukraine Update 11
    Liviu and I recently arrived back home from our latest trip to the Ukrainian border. It’s been a while since the last time, and the summer scenery makes everything look and smell and feel different. The hills are green and dotted with […]

Empower Women

We stand with the girls and women in Romania, Afghanistan, Iran, and everywhere in the world, in their plea for protection, basic human rights and dignity.


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bridging frontiers, shaping community