Building Tolerance, Understanding & Dialogue Across Communities.

BOND is a 24-month project which aims to address deep-rooted prejudices and hateful attitudes and behaviours, specifically towards Jewish people in Europe; to counter the dwindling knowledge about the Shoah, particularly among youth; and to promote tolerance, understanding and dialogue across religious, ethnic and cultural groups in our society. The implementing countries, Italy, Poland, Hungary and Romania is a region which was the home of the majority of European Jews before the Shoah, and where antisemitic attitudes have increased substantially over the last few years. The project will take stock of current research in the field, developing a relevant, interactive and an up-to-date testimonial-based curriculum, and bring youth together across countries to learn from each other. Teachers and youth will be empowered to embrace their role as multipliers and change-makers, equipped with the know- how to recognise and speak up against anti-semitism and all kinds of group-focused hatred, online and offline. Furthermore, the partners will engage their local communities in interfaith and intercultural dialogue, resulting in the development of research-based and participatory action plans to address anti-semitism and all forms of group-focused hatred in each local context.


  1. To FOSTER an evidence-based understanding of anti-Semitic trends, attitudes and behaviours in the region, how it impacts the Jewish communities today, and how it relates to other forms of intolerance and hate-speech, particularly online.
  2. To PROVIDE a testimonial-based curriculum for High School students, to be widely distributed to and adopted by teachers and educators in the implementing countries.
  3. To TRAIN youth on the history, culture and inheritance of Jewish people in Europe, and strengthen their capacity to reveal and address antisemitic stereotypes, mis- and disinformation, conspiracy theories and prejudices, thus reducing the perception gap of antisemitism between the Jewish population and the general public.
  4. To BRIDGE the divide between Jewish and other religious and ethnic groups, fostering open and safe dialogue, and building intergroup coalitions and strategies

Technical Details

Timeline:2 January 2023 – 1 January 2025 (24 months)
Granting Authority:European Commission-EU
Coordinator:Polylogos Association
Partners:SYNYO GmbH (Austria)
Political Capital (Hungary)
Le Rose di Atacama (Italy)
American Jewish Committee – Central Europe (Poland)
Zachor Foundation (Hungary)