Lives In Motion

Lives in Motion is non-formal educational project which aims to collaboratively develop, test and disseminate an interdisciplinary, non-formal educational toolkit, offering teachers and high school students a multi-faceted, historical and critical understanding of migrations, into, out of and within Europe. Maghweb, CPS, ANP | WFF and Polylogos develop, test and disseminate this toolkit through a series of international tool development sessions in Palermo (Italy), local teacher testing events, and an international dissemination workshop series in Zagreb (Croatia).


Overall aim: To help improve young people’s historical knowledge and understanding of migrations
Specific objective 1: To enhance education about migrations for high school students
Specific objective 2: To strengthen collaboration between young people’s formal and non-formal educators

Technical Details

Timeline:1 May 2024 – 31 December 2025 (20 Months)
Granting Authority:European Commission-EU (EACEA, CERV-2023-CITIZENS-REM)
Project Location:Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Romania
Beneficiarieshigh school students and teachers
Coordinator:Maghweb (Italy)
Partners:CPS (Croatia)
Natureza (Portugal)
Polylogos (Romania)