Partner Initiatives

Partner initiatives are groups, organizations or associations that we share aligned visions with, and support through our actions and projects. Sometimes, we partner directly with them, other times we just indirectly promote them.

Dor De Acasă

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Dor De Acasă (“homesick” in Romanian) is a group of families that have banded together to collect and share stories and information regarding adoption and fostering for the benefit of prospective adoptive families.

Think Tank Skaperkraft

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Skaperkraft is a politically independent think tank located in Oslo, Norway, which stimulates reflection, contributes to the public debate and engages in active community building. Skaperkraft is based on the thinking that each individual human being has infinite value and on our common responsibility for the development of sustainable and inclusive communities in our European societies.

Pass the Salt

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An initiative to connect and inspire people across cultures to strengthen the fabric of society.