The Day Will Come

The Day Will Come, As the Day Surely Must

Today we have a reflection on time, the sea, and light, for all of us who “want to feel less isolated in a time we have all been told to do so”. It comes from Gabriela Michele Milkova, a poet on the shores of St. Andrews. You can follow her at

The Day Will Come, As the Day Surely Must

The hours edge away by their degrees
They align as though to say, ‘stand still for the unravelling of time.’ Seconds disperse into irregular heartbeats automating the sound of the clock knelling time’s not up. 

But the day will come, as the day surely must.

Then another follows and everything melts in a stupor. 
All my watches are broken, and I couldn’t tell the time if I tried 
how much I didn’t miss it. 

My watches are broken, so I’ll be there around twilight, 
Meet me then, when the day and the night meet and the sea salves the sky, and I couldn’t tell you the hour if I tried but to say: it is good now, as much as now can be. 

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